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Web Development Teacher Training

Web Development Teacher Training

We delivered hands on training with almost 100 teachers, with workshops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Inverness.

These in-person career-long professional learning workshops for Computing Science teachers across Scotland, keeping them up-to-date with the latest web development practices. We have also worked with industry professionals to create an engaging interactive online resource for teachers to explore in their own time. We have provided extra information, and helpful links to resources. With cutting edge methods and techniques that they can share in the classroom, both pupils, and teachers can learn to become a better web developer!

One Day Workshop

The training workshop focused on developing skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in relation to the requirements of the Higher and National 5 courses in Computing Science. We also covered aspects of web development for the revised Advanced Higher Computing Science course. 



  • Update your web development skills
  • Share current industry practices and tips that will make it easier to teach web development in the classroom

Interactive Online Resource

We have developed an online interactive resource that will help you understand modern web development in the classroom. Inside we have all our examples, extra information, and helpful links to resources – including trickier parts of front-end development!


Check out the resource website.

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