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Ransomware Training For Staff


Image title: Ransomware Training for Staff


It seems like every day there is a story in the news about a company suffering from ransomware, or someone’s personal details being stolen. In this workshop, you’ll learn about ransomware attacks. But more importantly, we’ll show you practical ways to reduce the likelihood of ransomware attacks – and steps you can take to minimise the impact.

You’ll see live demonstrations of security features and apps. These demos will help you feel more confident about using a computer safely.

We will cover:

  • What is ransomware
  • Choosing and using antivirus software
  • How to make backups locally, and online
  • How to perform software updates

The course includes practical advice and demonstrates apps and tools already available on most smartphones and computers.

This course is suitable for all learners, no technical skills are required.

We offer a variety of cyber security awareness courses, see our other cyber security courses here.

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