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Free Courses: Data Detox and Personal Data Protection

Free courses: Learn how to take control of your data privacy, and how to protect your personal data

The double course will be run over one afternoon (3 hours, with short breaks every 45 mins).
You’ll get a certificate to recognise your learning. This session is open to all workers in Scotland. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to take part.

Open to all workers in Scotland, these workshops are ideally suited for Union Learning Reps and tutors who are keen to develop their own skills and want to share this knowledge with colleagues.

There’s no cost to participants, register here.

Data Detox: Take control of your personal data online
24 March 13:00-14:30

Feel like you’re sharing too much data?
Have you let yourself install too many apps, clicked “I agree” too many times, or generally feel like you’ve made too many accounts?

We’ll show you how to take back control of your digital privacy – but without having to give up your smartphone. Learn about how companies use data to track you, and we’ll show you steps to reduce the amount of data stored about you.

  • Learn how companies gather and process your personal data
  • Learn tips about reducing the amount of data stored about you
  • “Data detox” your web browsing, social media, and phone
  • Adjusting your settings so you share only what you’re comfortable with


Protecting personal data
24 March 15:00-16:00

Nowadays our computers, phones, and tablets are filled with personal data – but how can we keep that sensitive information out of the wrong hands? In this course, you’ll learn the most important steps to take to protect the data you hold.

  • How to store your data securely on laptops, phones, and storage devices.
  • How to share your data on secure connections and using encrypted messaging apps

These workshops are organised by Scottish Union Learning and Digital Skills Education, thanks for funding from the Data Lab’s Data Skills for Work programme

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