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Cyber Skills Live Lessons

Cyber Skills Live Lessons

We worked with Skills Development Scotland to create a hugely successful series of live and online cyber security lessons aimed at 11 to 14 year olds.

These interactive lessons don’t need any technical knowledge. By taking part, learners develop digital skills while learning about cyber security topics .

Over 27,000 teachers and learners have used these interactive activities.

Our lessons are designed to give individuals an insight into one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, creating more career prospects for the younger generation.

‘I was asked about the Cyber event at parents’ night as pupils had spoken about it enthusiastically at home. This never happens – so that’s a win.’  Turriff Academy.

My students loved it! Their competitive nature definitely came to the fore.’ Portobello High School.


Each lesson is designed to ‘stand-alone’ but individuals can take part in as many lessons as they want to! Each focuses a different area of Cyber Security.

“How to Steal a Pizza”


This lesson focuses on ethical hacking and learners will become a cyber security consultant for the duration of the lesson. Learners can work together to detect and analyse real-life security issues. This helps them understand how cyber criminals can exploit these issues.

“How to Solve a Murder”

This lesson focusses on digital forensics and shows learners what it would be like to be a digital forensic specialist. The learners become digital detectives in order to solve a crime by investigating digital evidence to catch the criminal!

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These interactive lessons are available to use at no-cost for schools, colleges, and groups. You can try these on your own, or with your classroom.

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